Pizza Hut

In October of 2012, Pizza Hut became the first UK pizza chain to introduce a gluten free pizza to both their restaurant and takeaway menu.

Working hand in hand with Coeliac UK, Pizza Hut modified the menu, the kitchen equipment and staff training in every one of it’s restaurants to ensure it reached the NCGI (No Gluten Containing Ingredients) accreditation demonstrating its dedication to providing food to people who cannot or choose not to eat gluten.

All of the gluten free pizzas at Pizza Hut are served on a 9″ square base so it can be easily identified by staff as gluten free which helps prevent cross contamination and tells you you have the right order. Each gluten free pizza comes with its own pizza cutter to further prevent contamination as regular pizzas are cut with a commercial slicer. You can also order any of the pizzas on the menu with any topping (with the exception of pepperoni and spicy pork as Pizza Hut does warn that gluten is present in the manufacturing site/factory/supply chain).

The salad bar at Pizza Hut is well worth avoiding as it is normally so cross contaminated with other ingredients (pasta, bacon bits, croutons etc) most branches will however provide you with a fresh salad from the kitchen. The pudding selection at Pizza Hut is very disappointing, everything except the ice cream contains gluten.

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