Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian has made a fairly good job of providing a good selection of gluten free food, they always offer  a couple of main courses, a couple of puddings and a couple of starters as well as a gluten free pasta which they can use in place of regular wheat pasta to make most of their pasta dishes.

Unlike some of the other restaurants here, they do not have any accreditation for the Gluten Free options and as such care should be taken when ordering as the restaurants attitude to the meaning of gluten free does appear to differ from location to location.

It’s certainly worth confirming your gluten free pasta does not get cooked in the same water as the regular wheat pasta and ensuring your salad does not come with croutons or a non-gluten free dressing.

Our local Jamie’s Italian in Milton Keynes does an excellent job and really appear to know their stuff when it comes to Gluten Free options, but a visit to another member of the chain in Gatwick gave us much less confidence.

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